With 20+ years of experience in the benefits administration space, Quadrant 4 Health provides best-in-class technology platforms focused on employee benefits and health insurance. By partnering with Quadrant 4, your firm will spend more time focusing on your clients while Quadrant 4 provides the technology that allows you to stay ahead of your competition.

A Cut Above the Rest

  • Quadrant 4’s software and implementation processes are designed around one focus: reliability.
  • Many benefit administration vendors require 6-9 weeks for system implementation. Quadrant 4’s proven methodologies allow implementations in as few as 5 days, without compromising quality.
  • Many competitors struggle with data integration to insurance companies and payroll vendors and it is the largest complaint from employer groups. Quadrant 4’s proprietary Electronic Data Interface (EDI) solution excels at the process of engaging the vendor, EDI development and weekly delivery.
  • Quadrant 4’s software is built from the perspective of the employee with great attention to simplifying the self-service enrollment experience.
  • Employees are able to enroll in less than ten minutes with concise and helpful benefit information without overwhelming them with insurance jargon they will not understand.
  • Administrators are now able to perform benefit functions and access information quickly and painlessly, without getting lost in the traditional maze of clicks, steps, and confusing menus.

Best-in-Class Technology

TriZetto Leverages QHIX to Deliver a Consumer-Centric Experience to the Health Insurance Marketplace for their Health TranZform™ Solution Suite

“Quadrant 4 is powering a user-friendly shopping and enrollment capability that supports the TranZform suite’s ability to help healthcare organizations develop new ways to compete and deliver a consumer-centric experience in the health insurance marketplace.”

– Jude Dieterman, President & Chief Executive for TriZetto

HealthSmart selects Quadrant 4’s robust and fully customizable end-to-end QHIX Platform

“Quadrant 4 is not only a very strong technology partner but their QHIX platform has proven to meet all of our diverse operational needs. What is truly great about QHIX platform is their unique approach to offering sophisticated benefits administration, private health exchange, and hybrid exchange capabilities. We were looking for the best of breed partner and we found that partner in Quadrant 4.” 

– Thomas Kelley, HealthSmart CEO

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