Third Party Administrators

Third Party Administrators are looking for ways to increase revenues, retain existing clients and secure new business. Quadrant 4 has developed significant capabilities to compliment claim adjudication engines and round out the relationship with your clients.

Our unique UI/UX allows you to manage all product types, including all ancillary product offerings. With a business rules engine that incorporates complex business rules tried and tested over twenty years of experience, Quadrant 4 will become your technology partner for Life, Medical, Dental, Disability and Supplemental products.

You can count on us to help you generate more revenue per client, retain current clients and close more new business than ever before.

Key Features of Group Benefits Administration Platform

  • Provide employees with an intuitive self service enrollment experience that delivers clear information on costs and benefit coverage
  • Empower employees with self service tools to view their benefits and report life events year round.
  • Tools to process and track employee changes including new hires, terminations, and status changes.
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Comprehensive configuration tools that support complex benefit attributes such as % of salary, unit based, tier based, age based, EOI rules, product associations, bundling, age reduction, and more.
  • Flexible rules-based configuration allows employers to tailor benefit offerings by employee class, department, zip code, salary, etc.
  • Accurately manage employee contributions and payroll deduction accounting.
  • Ability to customize benefit explanation and descriptions on each enrollment screen.
  • Full reporting library including Participation Reports, List Bill, Sell Bill, Enrollment Reports, and more.
  • EDI Manager enables speedy and reliable configuration of Data Interfaces
  • Allow employers to provide broad range of benefit options, including ancillary products.

Press Release

HealthSmart selects Quadrant 4’s robust and fully customizable end-to-end QHIX Platform

“Quadrant 4 is not only a very strong technology partner but their QHIX platform has proven to meet all of our diverse operational needs. What is truly great about QHIX platform is their unique approach to offering sophisticated benefits administration, private health exchange, and hybrid exchange capabilities. We were looking for the best of breed partner and we found that partner in Quadrant 4.” 

– Thomas Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, HealthSmart

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